AquaDoula Birthing Pool Rentals
The AquaDoula is the original portable spa developed specifically for labour and waterbirth. For years, the AquaDoula has helped mothers and babies worldwide experience a gentler birth. The AquaDoula easily sets up in minutes with minimal assembly. The AquaDoula is soft, yet sturdy and comfortably accommodates mother and partner.

Rental Includes:
  • One Aquadoula tub (the tub is 24” deep and 54” wide)
  • One faucet adapter (we have three options to connect to your water source)
  • One disposable liner
  • One drainage pump (which will fill and drain tub in about 30 minutes)
  • One debris net
  • One floating thermometer
Rental Cost:
  • Rental for a 4 week period is $275.00
  • Complete Set-up in your home (local Ottawa area)
  • Shipping charges will vary depending on your location, outside of the Ottawa area

Are you wondering why you should consider renting the AquaDoula over other birthing pool?

The AquaDoula offers:
  • Elegant Design
  • Developed especially for labour and waterbirth
  • Soft yet Sturdy Structure
  • Offers superb comfort and strength for mother and helpers
  • AquaDoulux(r) Heating System
  • Maintains consistent water temperature 
  • GFCI Protection with 100% Grounding
  • Ensures maximum electrical safety
  • Spacious Size, Comfortably accommodates 2 adults with easy access
  • Light Aqua Colour, enhances visibility
  • Aquadoula Cover
  • Maximizes heat efficiency
  • Lightweight Modular Construction
  • Promotes convenient, portable use
  • Compact Storage Size
  • ​Facilitates convenient transport and storage
Booking your AquaDoula is easy. Simple call or email us with your questions and we will answer any questions that you may have.  When you are ready to book your AquaDoula pool we will email you a contract.  A deposit of $75.00 is due upon booking your pool.  The balance is due when we set-up the pool in your home, or once we ship the pool to you.
Please call to reserve your AquaDoula 613-821-5933 or 613-290-0560.
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The AquaDoula was fantastic!  I had a fast labour and warm water definitely made the contractions more bearable.  I ended up delivering in the water on a birthing stool, which really helped with the pushing!  It was beautiful to see my daughter come out of the water completely calm yet alert, I would not choose to give birth any other way. Caroline

I used the birthing tub for both my births.  It was simply Amazing!  I went from having the tens unit on, right into the tub.  I had been in labour for 5 hrs already with my son, once I was in the water I went into active labour-pushed for 45 min, and delivered my son in the water.  I was in awe.  He was wrapped in a blanket, and we put a hat on him, but he was still in the water.  He also stayed attached to me, and we didn't cut the cord for a couple of mins.  While I still experienced the "ring of fire" and the discomfort of pushing, I feel the water helped minimize the tearing. Another great feature of birthing in the getting rid of the "yuck factor".  Yes when you push things will happen, being in the birthing tub helps you feel comfortable about this.  Anne

I have used the AquaDoula for all three of our home births, rented all through Ottawa Labour Support over the last 6 years. It was fantastic to have the pool set up in our home by you and with little effort by us.  Being in the water, significantly reduced the intensity of the contractions.  Should we consider a fourth baby, an AquaDoula rental will be on the top of the list. Mary-Ann

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